Free COVID-19 Resources

This page will list various personal and family-related ‘remote’ STEM activities to participate in as well as other free offerings to help companies, individuals and families cope with their newfound way of working.

Tech Hiring is Badly Broken

As a hiring manager, how does someone make a person go through three video interviews, do two coding assignments, be so impressed with the coding that they then fly the person up for in-person interviews, and only then decide the coding skills aren’t exactly what they are looking for?!?

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My Daily Cybersecurity Reading List

Overwhelmingly, there is one question about cybersecurity I am asked far more than any other. What’s the best solution I’ve used? Nope. What’s my favorite conference to attend? Negative. How …

Two-factor Authentication Is Not Dead

I’ve had just about enough of the fear mongering and lazy ‘reporting’ that’s been in the press recently around how two-factor authentication is broken. I’m not sure about you, but …


My Three Wishes for 2019

It’s the end of the year and like all of you, my news feed has been filled with ‘Predictions for 2019’ to such a point that I basically ignore them. …