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Downloads and resources referenced in various blog articles.

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2018_12_18IAM Maturity Evaluation Calculator v1.0XLSMaturity Model calculator that accompanies the  The Identity Catechism article.IAM Maturity Evaluation Calculator8ab3f218d42a58ed172ff61e885d518b823baab5e2c0d15d5d36308063b47b99
NIST CSF Maturity Tool v1.0XLSNIST Cybersecurity Framework Maturity tool that accompanies the Free NIST CSF Maturity Tool article.NIST CSF Maturity Tool2d0f622ac93e423f454eca15226b64df43404aa1fca2d0a0300223e42c037f7f
2019_07_15Daily News RSS OPML fileZIPCollection of RSS feeds in OPML file formatDaily News RSS OPML file019b90aa50d30b35ce2006d694f8249e1d630590a487b98523b3a4aa242a822a