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Update: October 23, 2022: Welcome to the new Diversity Resources page. This new page has been completely rebuilt, with a new link database and (finally) a way for visitors to submit their own links.

This page is a result of a couple of posts (Post #1 Post #2) I recently wrote on diversity. It is dedicated to publishing an ongoing list of diversity-related resources that can be used by individuals and companies. The focus is predominantly on cybersecurity and S.T.E.M. resources, but other technology-related links will be included as well. Link descriptions are verbatim from the sites unless otherwise noted.

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There are currently 57 links in the database.

Industry Organizations

Below you will find information on non-profit organizations that are focused on furthering diversity within the technology industry.

Diversity-centric Scholarships

There is an ever-increasing number of organizations offering scholarships and fellowships to high school and college students in interested in the cybersecurity and S.T.E.M. fields.

Youth & Student Organizations

If you have read any of my prior posts about diversity, then you will know that I firmly believe that the only way we can fix the problem is by encouraging women and minorities to participate in S.T.E.M. courses throughout middle and high school. While the professional organizations listed above are critical to addressing today’s needs, the organizations below are just as critical to fixing tomorrow’s diversity challenges.

Miscellaneous Resources

The following miscellaneous resources will include other link lists, blogs, conferences, and many other resources around S.T.E.M. and diversity.

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