The Downloads page is the main repository for all of the free tools I have developed over the years. These tools are designed to assist other CISO’s and security teams in building their programs and measuring success as they do.

Industry Statistical & Metrics Reports

The Industry Statistical & Metrics Reports page is where you will find many of the statistical reporting sites I use when discussing the state of information security. All of the typical suspects are here – DDoS, Ransomware, SPAM, Insider Threats, and DevOps – all of the normal data points most of us look for. However, you’ll also find the outliers like Market Size estimates and the statistics from the US Labor Board on industry size, growth, and salary ranges.

Diversity Resources

The Diversity Resources page lists all of the resources I have come across that focus on helping address the diversity challenges within the Information Security industry. It contains tools for diverse candidates, employers seeking to enhance their programs, and Technology/InfoSec industry organizations dedicated to promoting diversity in the technology industry.

Veterans Resources

The Veterans Resources page is a collection of different cybersecurity resources available to those transitioning from military service into a private (or public) sector career.

The list has been categorized into the following areas to hopefully allow you to focus on what you’re looking for:

  • Career Assistance: Resources and organizations that are focused on assisting veterans who want to move into the technology industry, and more specifically, into the cybersecurity field. These links will provide resources for resume writing, job interview training, and career seminars.
  • Corporate Programs: Many companies offer specialized training and hiring programs for Veterans. The links on this page will take you directly to their Veteran program, and when I can find it, specifically to their cybersecurity/STEM information.
  • Veteran Scholarships: There is an ever-increasing number of organizations offering scholarships and fellowships to veterans interested in the cybersecurity and STEM fields.
  • Continuing Education Resources: Veterans looking to advance their education and participate in cybersecurity and STEM training programs will find all kinds of collegiate, certification, and distance learning options.
  • Miscellaneous Resources: The following links will contain miscellaneous resources on the transition process, helpful reports, conferences, or other tools to assist Veterans in entering into a cybersecurity career.

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