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This page is a catalog of all publicly available content that I have developed for TAG Cyber.

November 29, 2022

Tag Cyber: Transforming Attack Surface Management as a Keystone to Modern Security

This report, for Noetic Cyber, discusses the challenges of legacy approaches to Attack Surface Management, how to modernize the approach, and how it can become a foundation for a modern security program.

Download the full report: Transforming Attack Surface Management as a Keystone to Modern Security


October 25, 2022

Tag Cyber: Quarterly Report

As part of our Quarterly Report series, this report focuses on Cybersecurity Metrics, identifying good ones and ensuring the correct messages are getting across.

Download the full report: TAG 4Q2022 Cybersecurity Metrics.

October 3, 2022

Tag Cyber: Modernizing the Security Infrastructure

This report for Sonrai Security provides important insights into the current state of public cloud security and where the most critical security gaps are found when managing legacy infrastructure. The report further provides recommendations on what actions organizations can take to reduce their risks and improve cloud security.

Download the full report: Modernizing the Security Infrastructure.

July 13, 2022

Tag Cyber: Understanding DevOps Threats

This is the first of a new five-part series of articles developed by TAG Cyber in conjunction with Sicura to offer insights and guidance into modern DevOps security using automated and integrated support.

Read the first chapter of Understanding DevOps Threats.

Network Monitoring

June 21, 2022

TAG Cyber: The Hazards of Exposure to Network Monitoring

Enterprise cyber adversaries are getting more sophisticated and aggressive, calling for more powerful defensive tools in response. Learn about stealth and obfuscation techniques, formerly only accessible to nation-state intelligence agencies, which are now available to protect commercial networks from surveillance and disruption.

SecureCo, in collaboration with TAG Cyber, has published a free e-book on Non-Attributable Data Networking and Communications.

Read the synopsis on LinkedIn.

Read the first chapter, The Hazards of Exposure to Network Monitoring.

Download the entire e-book here.

June 6, 2022

CSA: Zero Trust and the CISO

Nothing like talking about rainbows and vampires with Dr. Chase Cunningham and John Kindervag, and Jim Reavis at the final session of the Cloud Security Alliance Summit, ‘Zero Trust and the CISO’.

Read the synopsis on LinkedIn.

May 25, 2022

Tag Cyber: Today’s Third-Party Risk Challenges

Brad Hibbert, COO at Prevalent, joins John Masserini, Senior Research Analyst at TAG Cyber, in a discussion about the challenges of Third-Party risk and an overview of Prevalent’s security products.

Watch the Interview with Brad Hibbert on YouTube.

March 18, 2022

TAG Cyber: Evaluating the SentinelOne Acquisition of Attivo Networks

Conceptually, the idea behind XDR is to include non-endpoint telemetry into the risk decision-making process occurring on the endpoint. While account and identity theft remain the most attacked vector in most enterprises, the majority of EDR/XDR solutions fail to include substantial identity telemetry into the solution, resulting in coverage gaps across the entire vertical. SentinelOne’s acquisition of Attivo is a significant advancement in addressing those gaps.

Read the full analysis on LinkedIn.

TAG Cyber
AaDya Security

February 18, 2022

Delivering Comprehensive Cybersecurity for SMBs

In this webcast, you’ll hear from industry leaders about how this partnership delivers next-generation tools allowing SMB leaders and managed service providers to meet security requirements with confidence and ease.

Meet the participants:

Watch Delivering Comprehensive Cybersecurity for SMBs on YouTube.

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