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I feel I use the word ‘humbled’ a lot when I talk about this blog, but it is very much how I feel. When I consider all of the security-related blogs I religiously read every day, I was reticent to even consider Chronicles of a CISO was in the same category. In many ways, I didn’t really consider myself a blogger, but rather, just your average guy who’s done and seen a lot with a desire to share. But yet, the acknowledgment, interaction, and dialog that has come from publishing Chronicles has not only been enlightening and fulfilling but has provided far more peer engagement then I ever would have imagined. These days, I wear the blogger title quite proudly.

When I found out I was nominated for the 2020 Best New Blog of the Year by the Security Blogger Network, I was truly quite honored to just be included in the list of nominees. While I realize how completely cliche’ that sounds, I frankly never expected anything more to come from it. To me, Chronicles is really nothing more than a place for me to share my experiences and give something back to the industry I so dearly love. So, as you can imagine, I was more than taken aback when I got the news that Chronicles had actually won for the ‘Best New Blog’ category!

I suppose ‘blown away’ is a far more accurate description of how I felt when I got the news. While I’m extremely proud of what the blog has become and grateful for the engagement it promotes, I still just look at it as a quiet, modest little place for my incessant ramblings. Who would have guessed??

In speaking with a friend the other day, I described it as a true ‘labor of love’, which is by far the most accurate description of how I feel about it. That being said, I do owe many, many thanks to those friends and colleagues who have helped shape Chronicles into what it’s become. From those marketing and sales types I’m occasionally a bit rough on, to all of those #InfoSec nerds who’ve helped with content, I honestly could not have done this without you. A truly heartfelt Thank You to each of you.

Also, many thanks to Alan Shimel, Mike Rothman, and everyone on the Security Blogger Network team for putting these awards together.

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One thought on “2020 Best New Blog – Security Bloggers Awards”
  1. Congratulations John! Your Chronicles of a CISO are a regular read for me and something that I look forward to each time you blog. You are a natural at writing a blog and bring a wealth of experiences to share with all of us. You certainly do not make it look laborious at all — but you can tell that you are passionate about the cyber security industry and being an award winning CISO.

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