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This is an abbreviated version of my Identity Catechism piece that I wrote in early 2019. This piece focuses on the three key topics to focus on when planning and building an Identity Management Program.

While many continue to hold onto the concept of the hardened perimeter, the stark reality is that we live in an ever-evolving, perimeter-less world, where anyone can access anything from anywhere. Our infrastructures are fundamentally borderless, our critical data is cloud-based, and our users work from anyplace on the globe – or 36,000 feet above it.

The first, and possibly only, line of defense we have is the identity: the trusted moniker that validates access rights across the enterprise and provides a trustworthy foundation for risk-based decisions. Unfortunately, most organizations never look past the “account” stage of an identity, missing a major opportunity to develop an evolutionary program on which they can build their future program.

You can read the entire article on the Sailpoint blog.

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