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A recent interview I did with James Rundle of the Wall Street Journal for their Cybersecurity Pro newsletter.

Companies Rush to Implement Identity Systems for Remote Working

Technology adoptions are being compressed into months rather than years

Amid the myriad security challenges that stem from the coronavirus pandemic, one area has emerged as a critical investment for companies—ensuring the people who connect to a corporate network are who they say they are.

It is more complex than it sounds, and the rapid expansion of remote workforces has made identity and access management more challenging, and essential, than ever, said John Masserini, chief information security officer at Luxembourg-headquartered telecommunications operator Millicom International Cellular SA.

“The reality is that no one really plans to have their entire company work from home in the space of 48 or 72 hours,” he said. “Being able to manage user access and virtual private network access is a big challenge.”

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