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Truly honored to be a featured CISO in the Klogix Profiles in Confidence magazine.  Feats of Strength is a business-focused information security magazine created by K logix. They provide a platform for a diverse set of industry leaders to share their success and challenges. By connecting people with thought leadership content, they examine different ways to build a confident security program.

Three-time CISO John Masserini brings in-depth experience through extensive work in all facets of information security for over twenty-four years. Throughout his career, Masserini experienced the rapid transition and impactful evolution of the role of security leadership within organizations.

He comments, “Historically, security was considered a technology problem. In some enterprises, it is still that way today. In my view, it’s about managing the risks and making sure there are strategies in place that find the spot between balancing technology risk, protecting our sensitive information, and continuing to help the business drive revenue. While my background is very technology-centric, most of my days are spent evangelizing and ensuring both business and technical risks are mitigated in the best possible way to protect our subscribers’ information and support the company’s strategic revenue objectives. At Millicom, we’ve taken the unique approach of moving the security and risk function into the Compliance and Ethics group, rather than have a direct line into the technology group. This provides a separation of duties that is often lost when CISOs report to CIOs.”

The desire to come into an organization and implement a strong global strategy sparked Masserini’s interest in joining Millicom, a leading provider of cable and mobile services dedicated to emerging markets with more than 51 million customers across the globe. While each individual country has Information Security Officers in place, the organization recognized the lack of a cohesive, globally-driven security strategy. Masserini explains, “The ability to come into a place and pull together all the experts throughout the company and build a cohesive strategy was incredibly intriguing, and ultimately why I decided to join.”

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