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An interview with Radware around identifying cybersecurity talent in unexpected places within your enterprise.

Companies are scrambling to fill cybersecurity positions. Some 41 percent of CIOs surveyed by recruiting firm Robert Half Technology say that cybersecurity skills are in the greatest demand in their organizations. The non-profit organization (ISC)2, which provides information security education and certifications, predicts a worldwide shortfall of 1.8 million cybersecurity workers by 2022, 20 percent more than was predicted in 2015.

Complicating the talent search further, many organizations are shooting beyond the stars in their job requirements – demanding that candidates have levels of security experience, education or broad skill sets that are exceedingly hard to find in one mere mortal, according to Gartner. How many people really have eight to 10 years of solid cybersecurity experience?

As a result, organizations are missing opportunities to cultivate inside talent who may lack experience but already know the business and have the fundamental skills to succeed in cybersecurity.

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