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The report includes an overview of the technology, staffing implications, recommendations for selling User Behavior Analytics (UBA) to the C-Suite and possible objections. It also features a market assessment based on responses to a Request for Information (RFI) submitted by eight vendors. Developed by CISOs, the RFIs, which are included in the report, highlight the most important technology aspects of the solutions.

The value of peer input cannot be overstated. Authored by leading Chief Information Security Officers, CISOs Investigate is an ongoing series that offers first-hand insights to security leaders as they make business-driven technology decisions.

CISOs Investigate: User Behavior Analytics (UBA) includes interviews with 11 security leaders who have deployed or are looking to deploy third-party solutions. This report replaces the ad hoc, often informal and time-consuming processes of personally gathering peer insight.

Spanning industry verticals, the CISO contributors share real-world use cases and provide guidance.

Contributing author for the User Behavior Analytics report published by SecurityCurrent.

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