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Technically Philly held a panel discussion featuring several prominent local CISO’s to talk about the evolving cybersecurity industry, the challenges we face with bring your own device, and what the future holds. Healthcare, Financial, and Government CISO’s shared their differing views on the environments they work in and how cybersecurity plays a role in their business’s strategy.

John Masserini closes his twice-monthly mandatory employee awareness sessions on how to protect company data with this reminder: “Don’t forget, I look at all of your email.”

Masserini is the Chief Information Security Officer of Princeton-based Miami International Holdings, the parent company of MIAX Options Exchange. It’s a company that will never allow staff to “bring your own device,” no matter how popular it becomes, because it’s required by law to archive every communication on its network, Masserini said at a recent Tech In Motion panel on cybersecurity.

The Securities and Exchange Commission requires exchanges — the financial organizations that manage and process transactions between investors for publicly traded companies — to capture every communication between broker and client, Masserini said, for potential review by regulators. The only device that can do that is a Blackberry, and that’s why he said he has “absolute reliance on Blackberry,” which is one reason Blackberry has stayed alive.

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