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A recent interview with The Times (UK) discussing the need for an effective awareness and training program to manage the rapid growth of the remote workforce.

Cybersecurity in the age of the pandemic

New tech can only do so much to protect businesses’ data, even if employees use only company devices for remote working. It’s down to leaders to close the loop by ensuring everyone is aware of the risks.

Businesses all around the world have responded with great alacrity to the Covid-19 pandemic, embracing technologies such as cloud computing and video conferencing to support a work-from-home revolution. But there has been a price to pay: cyberattacks have increased exponentially as criminals and other bad actors have spied an opportunity to exploit new vulnerabilities.

Data from the United Nations Office of Counter-Terrorism revealed there had been a 350 percent increase in the number of phishing websites during the pandemic. The office warned the surge was part of “a significant rise in cybercrime in recent months”.

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