The Five Tiers of the Authentication Maturity Stack

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Since writing The Identity Catechism a few months back, I’ve had a number of requests for advice or suggestions on how to measure the maturity of an enterprise identity program.

In an effort to help, I’ve put together the Identity Maturity Calculator as sort of a guide to provide some insight as to where you may be on the IAM scale. Obviously, this is my own opinion of where things belong and how they reflect along a maturity scale, but I think it’s accurate enough to provide a fundamental understanding of where your enterprise lands.

For the calculator, I’ve taken each of the 15 questions from the original article and associated various states of maturity for each question on a scale of one to five with one being a non-existent control and five being the most mature.

The calculator can be found on the Resources page and is free to download and use however you see fit.

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