Occasionally, I will come across an article or blog that I feel is valuable enough to archive. It may be on a new approach to something, a piece that provides a fundamental understanding of a topic, or just some article that I think is critical reading for some reason or another. The Reading Room will be such a collection of articles.


Writing Better Risk Statements

I found this post on my computer. I can’t remember where it originally was posted (if it was at all), but I found it useful

Why we fight for crypto

This last week, the Attorney General William Barr called for crypto backdoors. His speech is a fair summary of law-enforcement’s side of the argument. In this

The Top Five Web Application Authentication Vulnerabilities We Find

One of the most important parts of a web application is the authentication mechanism, which secures the site and also creates boundaries for each user

Quantum computers mean cryptography needs to change, and soon

Quantum computers, cryptography and encryption are a potent mix, especially because quantum computers could eventually give attackers a practical … Share!

5G Infographic

5G is the next generation of wireless networks, building upon existing 4G Long-Term Evolution (LTE) infrastructure and improving the bandwidth, capacity, and reliability of wireless

Are Cyber-Ontologies the Future of Cybersecurity?

The science of cybersecurity is starting to permeate the discussions of thought leaders in the cyber realm. After all, attacks based on APTs (advanced persistent