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In the Market for a MSSP? Ask These Questions First

Not all managed security service providers are created equal. These questions can

Reasons Behind the Cybersecurity Skills Gap

There have been a lot of studies this year examining the cybersecurity

How to Secure Critical Infrastructure When Patching Isn’t Possible

Mission-critical systems can’t just be switched off to apply security updates —

Linux users warned to update libarchive to beat flaw

The bug is identified as CVE-2019-18408, a high-priority ‘use-after-free’ bug when dealing

To Prove Cybersecurity’s Worth, Create a Cyber Balance Sheet

How tying and measuring security investments to business impacts can elevate executives’

Spear phishing is now the main attack vector for cybercriminals, says Europol

Spear phishing is the number one cyber-threat to organizations in the European

PPT Template: Build Your 2020 Security Plan

The end of the year is coming, and it’s time for security

Black Hat USA 2019, Rebecca Lynch ‘s ‘Woke Hiring Won’t Save Us: An Actionable Approach To Diversity Hiring And Retention’

Thanks to Black Hat for publishing the Black Hat 2019 tremendous conference

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Cyberattacks: Top 5 Ways You Could Be Hacked in 2020

The New Year means new ways for cybercriminals to execute widespread cyberattacks on businesses and consumers, which opens the door for massive data breaches that …

Will quantum computing overwhelm existing security tech in the near future?

More than half (54%) of cybersecurity professionals have expressed concerns that quantum computing will outpace the development of other security … Share! …

Kaspersky Security Bulletin 2019. Statistics

All the statistics used in this report were obtained using Kaspersky Security Network (KSN), a distributed antivirus network that works with various anti-malware protection components. …

Retail Cyberattacks Set to Soar 20% in 2019 Holiday Season

A couple of factors this year are making the 2019 holiday shopping season a circus for cybercriminals when it comes to cyberattacks against retail orgs. …

Critical Remote Code-Execution Bugs Threaten Global Power Plants

Seventeen bugs could be exploited to stop electrical generation and cause malfunctions at power plants. Share! …

Internet banking sites and their use of TLS… and SSLv3… and SSLv2?!, (Fri, Dec 13th)

Although SSLv3 has been considered obsolete and insecure for a long time, a large number of web servers still support its use. And even though …

Apple iOS 13.3 is here, bringing support for keyfobby authentication

Bullet-proof authentication is just a tap away! Share! …

Waking Up to Third-Party Security Risk

You can’t rely on the words, intentions, or security measures of others to guard your company, customer and brand. Share! …

Lessons from the NSA: Know Your Assets

Chris Kubic worked at the National Security Agency for the past 32 years, finishing his tenure as CISO. He talks about lessons learned during his …

Archived News for the past 30 days


Microsoft Security Essentials to Die with Windows 7 in January

Microsoft says it doesn’t plan to provide security updates for the Microsoft Security Essentials component integrated into Windows 7 after the operating system reaches its

The Great $50M African IP Address Heist

A top executive at the nonprofit entity responsible for doling out chunks of Internet addresses to businesses and other organizations in Africa has resigned his

Quantum computing will boost blockchain industry, new report suggests

Crypto luminaries such as Vitalik Buterin have said that quantum computing—and the advent of Google’s “quantum supremacy”—is no threat to … Share!

New Zeppelin Ransomware Targeting Tech and Health Companies

A new variant of Vega ransomware family, dubbed Zeppelin, has recently been spotted in the wild targeting technology and healthcare companies across Europe, the United

Lazarus APT Collaborates with Trickbot’s Anchor Project

An unprecedented connection between the North Korean APT and the crimeware giant spells trouble for global banks and other cybercrime targets. Share!

Modern Intel CPUs Plagued By Plundervolt Attack

The Intel attack uses a similar technique that gamers commonly use to overclock their CPUs. Share!

Apple Fixes ‘AirDoS’ Bug That Cripples Nearby iPhones, iPads

Apple fixes bug that allows nearby hackers to render iPads and iPhones unusable. Share!

Windows 0-day exploit CVE-2019-1458 used in Operation WizardOpium

In November 2019, Kaspersky technologies successfully detected a Google Chrome 0-day exploit that was used in Operation WizardOpium attacks. During our investigation, we discovered that

Adobe Releases Patches for ‘Likely Exploitable’ Critical Vulnerabilities

The last Patch Tuesday of 2019 is finally here. Adobe today released updates for four of its widely used software—including Adobe Acrobat and Reader, Photoshop

EU releases its 5G conclusions

The Council of the European Union sent a memo summarizing its thoughts on the “need to mitigate security risks linked to 5G”. Share!

25 Most Dangerous Software Errors List Shows SQL Injections Dropping in Frequency

The top 25 most dangerous errors found in the CVE repositories were just published, and they show some interesting and surprising trends over the past

NordVPN, Dipping Their Toes In The Evil End Of The Pool

Apparently, the evil just never stops at NordVPN… via h/tThe post NordVPN, Dipping Their Toes In The Evil End Of The Pool appeared first on

The Evolution of Threat Hunting

Wikipedia defines cyber threat hunting as “the process of proactively and iteratively searching through networks to detect and isolate advanced threats that evade existing security

Navigating ICS Security: Knowing the Basics

As we begin our new decade of the 2020s, we can look back at the last 30 odd years and examine the collaboration between technology

Don’t Fall for the Hype – Marketing Myths in Artificial Intelligence for Cybersecurity

The cybersecurity provider landscape is cluttered with impossible claims, misrepresentations, and a confusing mix of inconsistent terminology. Worse, every minute you delay making a decision

AWS Previews Cloud Security Advances

Amazon Web Services (AWS) at its recent re:Invent 2019 conference previewed two tools to advance cloud security and made available a tool that promises to

Snatch Ransomware Reboots Windows in Safe Mode to Bypass Antivirus

Cybersecurity researchers have spotted a new variant of the Snatch ransomware that first reboots infected Windows computers into Safe Mode and only then encrypts victims’

Scientists Break Largest Encryption Key Yet with Brute Force

The key, only one-third the length of most commercial encryption keys, took more than 35 million compute hours to break. Share!

Microsoft Phishing Attack Bypasses Security By Creating Local Login Form

Microsoft users once again face threats from a new phishing attack. This time, the attackers have utilized a new strategy Microsoft Phishing Attack Bypasses Security

Criminals Hide Fraud Behind the Green Lock Icon

Criminals are using free certificate services to apply real security certs to fraudulent sites – and to take advantage of victims looking for surfing safety.

How to install Honeypot trap on Kali Linux to detect intrusion

If you are a new student of White Hat hacking or Ethical Hacking course then you must have heard the term of Honeypot, which is

The WORST Bitcoin Ransomware Attacks in History

This has contributed hugely in putting the world at the mercy of hackers and data thefts who demand millions and yet end up betraying the

Ffuf (Fuzz Faster U Fool) – An Open Source Fast Web Fuzzing Tool

Ffuf – Fuzz Faster U Fool is a great tool used for fuzzing. It has become really popular lately with Ffuf (Fuzz Faster U Fool)

(Lazy) Sunday Maldoc Analysis, (Mon, Dec 9th)

I received another malicious Word document: with VBA macros and string obfuscation, launching a PowerShell downloader. As classic as they come. Share!

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