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How quantum computing is going to rock your world

Quantum computers are unlikely to blast through computations beyond the

EvilGnome: A New Backdoor Implant Spies On Linux Desktop Users

Security researchers have discovered a rare piece of Linux spyware

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Crack the Defenses of iOS and other Platforms at Black Hat USA

Get the latest insights into how to attack and defend platforms like iOS, MacOS, and Windows 10 at this upcoming August security conference. Share! …

The Problem with Proprietary Testing: NSS Labs vs. CrowdStrike

Why apples-to-apples performance tests are the only way to accurately gauge the impact of network security products and solutions. Share! …

Malware in PyPI Code Shows Supply Chain Risks

A code backdoor in a package on the Python Package Index demonstrates the importance of verifying code brought in from code repositories. Share! …

Apple iOS 13 Vulnerability Could Allow Unauthenticated Access To Saved Passwords And Emails

Once again a serious iOS vulnerability that could risk the security of iPhone and iPad population has surfaced. Fortunately, the Apple iOS 13 Vulnerability Could …

Spearphone Attack Allows Android Apps to Listen To Your Loudspeaker Conversations

It hasn’t been long since we studied how Android apps evade app permissions to exfiltrate user data. Once again, researchers Spearphone Attack Allows Android Apps …

Firefox to pile on more native privacy features

Mozilla is integrating its Lockwise password manager directly into the browser and expanding its support for the Have I Been Pwned website. Share! …

Kazakhstan Begins Intercepting HTTPS Internet Traffic Of All Citizens Forcefully

If you are in Kazakhstan and unable to access the Internet service without installing a certificate, you’re not alone. The Kazakhstan government has once again …

With FaceApp in the spotlight, new scams emerge

ESET researchers discover fraudulent schemes piggybacking on the popularity of the face-modifying tool FaceApp, using a fake “Pro” version of the application as a lure …

Iran-Linked APT34 Invites Victims to LinkedIn for Fresh Malware Infections

The group was posing as a researcher from Cambridge, and was found to have added three new malware families to its spy arsenal. Share! …

How to Create an Effective Incident Response Plan

The complexity and precision of today’s cyberattacks may make you long for the simpler days of the Michelangelo virus. Add the sheer number of security …

Quantum interference in the service of information technology

Scientists from the Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw, in collaboration with the University of Oxford and NIST, have shown that quantum … Share! …

Europol Head Fears 5G Will Give Criminals an Edge

Catherine De Bolle is concerned law enforcement will lose its ability to track criminals with the arrival of 5G networks. Share! …

Archived News for the past 30 days


Japan To Lead Development of SWIFT Network For Cryptocurrency

Japan’s government is leading a global push to set up an international network for cryptocurrency payments, similar to the SWIFT network used by banks, in

Phish testing: What to do about so-called “repeat offenders”

The post Phish testing: What to do about so-called “repeat offenders” appeared first on Infosec Resources. Phish testing: What to do about so-called “repeat offenders”

Cloud OpenLDAP Tool

OpenLDAP™, as the name implies, is an open implementation of the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP). As an open source directory services platform, it can

Upping the Security Ante: How to Get Teams’ Buy-in for Zero Trust

The switch to Zero Trust doesn’t happen overnight, so how do you bring every stakeholder to the table and get everyone on board? No one

Hacking infrastructure made easy with IIoT and 5G

The tools used for the hacking in the movie are NMAP or Network Mapper, a network port scanner and service detector offering stealth SYN scan,

Data from hacked Bulgarian tax office systems now being circulated on hacking forums

Download links purporting to offer around half the data from the hack of Bulgaria’s National Revenue Agency’s (NRA) databases have been shared on … Share!

Hacking Tool Can Break Into iPhones, Extract App Info and iCloud Data

Apple devices are once again targeted by a hacking solution developed by an Israeli company, but this time it looks like the spyware can even

Israeli ‘WhatsApp Spyware’ Now Targets iCloud, Google And Facebook Via Phones: Report

That hack was first exposed by the Financial Times, and the same newspaper has continued to investigate, publishing a report today (July 19) that … Share!

Shapeshifting Morpheus chip aims to baffle hackers

Researchers at the University of Michigan call it ‘Morpheus’ and it aims to make hacking so difficult at microprocessor level that attackers will give up …

How To Keep Your Cameras And Phones From Getting Hacked

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Imagine a hacker breaking into your laptop or phone and being able to access them whenever they want. Creepy, right? Share!

Laporte County government pays $130K ransom to hackers

LAPORTE COUNTY, Ind. — The government of Laporte County was the latest to have its computer systems taken over by hackers and held for ransom …

Still not using HTTPS? Firefox is about to shame you

Two years after promising to report all HTTP-based web pages as insecure, Mozilla is about to deliver. Share!

Google Chrome is ditching its XSS detection tool

Google’s throwing in the towel on XSS Auditor and putting its trust in Trusted Types instead. Share!

Ke3chang APT Linked to Previously Undocumented Backdoor

The cyberspy group’s activities are broader than originally thought. Share!

Google Triples Some Bug Bounty Payouts

Google is announcing much higher bug bounty payouts for Chrome, Chrome OS and Google Play. Share!

Mirai Botnet Sees Big 2019 Growth, Shifts Focus to Enterprises

Mirai activity has nearly doubled between the first quarter of 2018 and the first quarter of 2019. Share!

Calculating the Value of Security

What will it take to align staff and budget to protect the organization? Share!

79% of US Consumers Fear Webcams Are Watching

Widespread privacy concerns have caused 60% of people to cover their laptop webcams – some in creative ways – survey data shows. Share!

How Capture the Flag Competitions Strengthen the Cybersecurity Workforce

These competitions challenge participants with problems involving digital forensics, cryptography, binary analysis, web security, and many other fields. Share!

8 Legit Tools and Utilities That Cybercriminals Commonly Misuse

Threat actors are increasingly ‘living off the land,’ using publicly available management and administration tools to conceal malicious activity. Share!

Open Source Hacking Tool Grows Up

Koadic toolkit gets upgrades – and a little love from nation-state hackers. Share!

RDP Bug Takes New Approach to Host Compromise

Researchers show how simply connecting to a rogue machine can silently compromise the host. Share!

Security Lessons From a New Programming Language

A security professional needed a secure language for IoT development. So he wrote his own, applying learned lessons about memory and resources in the process.

Worst DNS attacks and how to mitigate them

The Domain Name System remains under constant attack, and there seems to be no end in sight as threats grow increasingly sophisticated.DNS, known as the

Slack Resets Passwords For Users Who Hadn’t Changed It Since 2015 Breach

If you use Slack, a popular cloud-based team collaboration server, and recently received an email from the company about a security incident, don’t panic and