The Identity Catechism: Questions every CISO should ask of their Identity program

The evolution is underway. Our infrastructures are borderless, our critical data is cloud-based, and our users work from anyplace on the globe – or 36,000 feet above it. Our legacy controls are as outdated as the conceptual hardened perimeter and our users are still human; and will still succumb to the (not so) well-crafted phish.

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SecurityWeek: Quest for Cybersecurity Metrics Fit for Business

Developing clear, well defined cybersecurity metrics are necessary for the business lines to understand the risk they face. Therefore, it is often a challenge because technical risk doesn’t always relate to business risk. In this SecurityWeek article, several CISOs detail their quest for information security metrics that align with business goals. Never-ending breaches, ever-increasing regulations,

Whitehawk: 10 Rules for Cybersecurity Salespeople

I’m posting this for two reasons.  First, it’s a great read for security vendor’s salespeople. You need to memorize these rules. Secondly, and I have to be honest, I’m pretty humbled by Mark’s comments. Read the full post or download the PDF here: