Curated Daily News for March 15, 2021

Curated Daily News CoaC CISO

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Curated daily news for March 15, 2021

Today’s articles include: Microsoft probes internal leak as the cause of Exchange mess, US legislators look at enacting a Breach Law, MS Exchange exploits are doubling every hour, 3 critical Linux flaws hiding since 2006, and US Government looks at real-time threat sharing with the private sector.

Tool Of The Day
APT-Hunter – Threat Hunting Tool via Windows Event Log: APT-Hunter is a threat hunting tool for windows event logs made from the perspective of the purple team mindset to provide detection for APT movements hidden in the sea of windows event logs. This will help you to decrease the time to uncover suspicious activity and the tool will make good use of the windows event logs collected and make sure to not miss critical events configured to be detected. The target audience for APT-Hunter is threat hunters, incident response professionals or forensic investigators.

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