Curated Daily News for March 1, 2021

Curated Daily News CoaC CISO

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Curated daily news for March 1, 2021

Today’s articles include: Microsoft releases open-source tool to hunt for SolarWinds code, NSA issues guidance on zero-trust, The future of destructive malware, 6 tools every security team should be aware of, and Are we living in 1984?

Tool Of The Day
Gatekeeper – First Open-Source DDoS Protection System: Gatekeeper is the first open-source DoS protection system. It is designed to scale to any peak bandwidth, so it can withstand DoS attacks both of today and of tomorrow. In spite of the geographically distributed architecture of Gatekeeper, the network policy that describes all decisions that have to be enforced on the incoming traffic is centralized. This centralized policy enables network operators to leverage distributed algorithms that would not be viable under very high latency (e.g. distributed databases) and to fight multiple multi-vector DoS attacks at once.

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