Curated Daily News for February 24, 2021

Curated Daily News CoaC CISO

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Curated daily news for February 24, 2021

Today’s articles include: Initial Access Brokers pose a growing risk to enterprises, Clop malware targets executives, Critical RCE flaw in VMware ESXi, and the importance of diversity in Cybersecurity.

Tool Of The Day
Horusec – An Open Source Tool That Improves Identification Of Vulnerabilities In Your Project: Horusec is an open source tool that performs static code analysis to identify security flaws during the development process. Currently, the languages for analysis are: C#, Java, Kotlin, Python, Ruby, Golang, Terraform, Javascript, Typescript, Kubernetes, PHP, C, HTML, JSON, Dart. The tool has options to search for key leaks and security flaws in all files of your project, as well as in Git history. Horusec can be used by the developer through the CLI and by the DevSecOps team on CI /CD mats

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