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Overwhelmingly, there is one question about cybersecurity I am asked far more than any other. What’s the best solution I’ve used? Nope. What’s my favorite conference to attend? Negative. How did I get started in Information Security? Nahh…

Without question, the one thing I am asked most these days is… What do you read every day?

Believe it or not, it’s not an easy question to answer.

I am a voracious reader. Most days I am sitting in front of my laptop with a nice hot cup of coffee by 5am, pouring over the litany of posts, articles, and tweets that come across my feeds every day. Over the years, I’ve learned to cull through the noise and reposts and get the morning reading list to a manageable level.

The challenge I have in answering the question is putting it in a way that is succinct and makes sense. ‘I read a bunch of RSS feeds, tweets and various social media posts’ sounds secretive and honestly, a bit pompous. On the other hand, rattling off the laundry list of feeds that I go through every day is equally uninformative.

So, after fielding the question once again after sitting on an Emerging Tech panel at an event last month, I was determined to come up with a better answer than ‘I read a lot of different things..’

It really didn’t take long to figure out that the best way to answer that question, rather than tell folks what I read, is to show them what I read – or better yet – share with them.

Welcome to the Daily News Chronicle

On an average morning, there are a few hundred cybersecurity posts and news alerts I peruse. Now, I readily admit that some of this is due to the inability to keep up with things during the workday, but there are honestly some days with over a hundred posts that end up on my to-be-read list. While the list is predominantly cybersecurity-based news, it’s peppered with quantum, AI/ML, 5G, blockchain and many other new, exciting technologies that I may run across. 

As I go through my feed each morning, I’m going to update the Daily News page with those articles and links I find interesting, informative, and above all, helpful to my daily grind. Hopefully, you will find some tidbit of useful information each day as well.

Because we all have our own different consumption styles, you have a few different options on how to stay current with the posts:

Hopefully, some will find this little experiment useful, or perhaps this is nothing more than additional fodder for all the bots to aggregate. I suppose only time will tell.

The one thing I do know is that I finally have an answer to the question.

What’s your favorite read?

I want to hear from you! Please leave a comment with your favorite blogs and I’ll add them to the list!

Please note: While most of these posts will be from trusted media sources, some of them will, in fact, come from security vendors. While we may collectively have issues with some vendor’s sales and marketing tactics, there are some brilliant researchers and technicians who work for industry vendors. I do not necessarily support or recommend any vendor whose blog/website is referenced here – it is simply just information I found useful.

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4 thoughts on “My Daily Cybersecurity Reading List

  1. Sohail Iqbal Reply

    Hi John, you are spot on about preferred daily reading list question and challenge of filtering noise from so much published in the name of Cybersecurity. Good share. Thanks

  2. Eugene Davydov Reply

    Echoing Sohail’s comment, as a fellow Dow Jones alumni, thank you for sharing your reading list, John. Wading through the signal-to-noise ratio these days can be challenging, but the Daily News feed cuts right through it.

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